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Brio SmartClean Sonic Toothbrush

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The Brio SmartClean can freshen and cleanse your mouth in ways that put a manual toothbrush to shame. Using an optimal 31,000 brush oscillations per minute, your teeth will have never felt better or shined brighter. The Micro-Bubbles created by these sonic vibrations use the fluid in your mouth, not just the bristles, to clean your teeth and gums more effectively than manual brushing. The two-minute timer and 30-second zone reminders ensure your entire mouth is cleaned. Let Brio’s precision electronic system do the work. Don’t risk overly aggressive brushing – a common problem with manual toothbrushes that can weaken your teeth. The SmartClean’s optimized bristles offer the perfect balance: they are strong enough to clean and whiten your teeth, and yet gentle on your gums. Brush Smarter with the Brio SmartClean.

The SmartClean boasts a larger than average lithium battery that will sustain your brush for 6 weeks between charges. The single button operation offers 3 brushing modes, all of which use a 30-second zone reminder. Replacement heads for the SmartClean cost less than half of what most other brands charge and with our convenient subscription head replacement service, you are assured the lowest possible price and never have to go searching for replacements again.

Thoroughly rinse brush head and bristles after each use. Towel dry and remove excess water after rinsing.